Bridge of Hope Program in 2015

Forging partnerships of US-based Filipino donors with Philippine Partners that advocate the charitable endeavors of their choice.

Dear donors, supporters, volunteers, and friends,

Thank you very much for the many years of trust and confidence you have reposed on Ayala Foundation USA/PhilDev. Your generous gift of yourself has been a tremendous source of inspiration to all of us. It is also a great resource to the Philippine non-profits that work tirelessly to improve the lives of Filipinos who need only a helping hand to lift themselves out of poverty.

As you know, at our historic gala and forum in San Jose in September 2010, AF-USA was transformed into PhilDev, which presented its new mission of focusing on the long-term economic growth of the Philippines. The strategy is to improve the ecosystem for science and technology in the Philippines in order to cultivate and nurture a community of excellent and dedicated scientists and engineers who can innovate and create high growth global businesses.

To allow PhilDev to focus on this critical factor for long term economic development, its board has decided that it will need to streamline its operations for sustainability. The decision was then made to discontinue the “bridge” facility – the service we offer to FilAms and friends of the Philippines who wish to support Philippine non-profits of their choice.

Indeed, the success of AF-USA, now PhilDev, was founded on this facility. But that success was due in large measure because of:

– you, our donors who have given generously to your advocacies;
– you, our volunteers who have worked side by side with us through the years;
– you, our partner NGOs in the Philippines who worked hard to maintain your standards at the highest possible levels in implementation and governance;
– you, our friends who encouraged us, supported us, and inspired us.

You all rallied around this “bridge of hope across the seas”. Together, we were able to raise about US$11M over the last 11 years from 2001 to 2012. These funds have meant the difference between life or death, between ignorance or education; between illness or good health; between a ravaged environment or a sustainable community; between homelessness or a happy home.

We know that you want to continue your generous involvement in our country’s inclusive development. We are therefore pleased to inform you that we are recommending and endorsing to you another 501(c)(3) organization which has agreed to take on the challenge of continuing the legacy and service of AF-USA/PhilDev. This is Feed the Hungry (FtH), a 20-year old FilAm public charity based in Virginia.

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Feed the Hungry, Inc. (FtH) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, non-profit charitable organization based in Washington, D.C. Started in 1992 and officially incorporated in 1993, FtH is wholly volunteer-driven and started as a gift giving and feeding project for indigent children in the Philippines by a group of World Bank Group and IMF (International Monetary Fund) Filipino staff and joined by Filipino-American volunteers in the community.

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