Calamity Assistance and Rehabilitation Endeavors (CARE) in 2015

The Calamity Assistance and Rehabilitation Endeavors (CARE) provides immediate assistance to victims of calamities or natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and typhoons that leave vast areas flooded. Calamities displace families, destroy livelihood, and even claim lives. In the Philippines, CARE aims to be the first responders to disaster victims, not only to provide the … Continue reading Calamity Assistance and Rehabilitation Endeavors (CARE) in 2015

Infrastructure – Classroom Projects in 2015

Twelve new classrooms amounting to almost $200,000 were turned over to different municipal school districts in areas hit in November 2013 by Supertyphoon Haiyan/Yolanda. KPMG, LLP, through Bobby Tamayo, donated two classrooms in Tapaz, Capiz. The Filon Brothers (Luke, Zachary, and Jacob), the Tu Bi Foundation, Dr. and Mrs. Bayani Manalo, and Kona Visayan Club funded four classrooms in Kabangbang, Bantayan Island, … Continue reading Infrastructure – Classroom Projects in 2015

Livelihood Projects in 2015

The Livelihood Project under the LINKAPIL’s Program encourages overseas Filipino donors to assist in establishing small-scale or alternative income-generating activities to foster self help among members of local communities, barangays, non-government organizations, and cooperatives. FtH started providing capital funds for livelihood programs in 1996. These include grants to registered cooperatives and organizations. FtH also provided … Continue reading Livelihood Projects in 2015