Call for Donations | Typhoon Ulysses/ Vamco Victims

Typhoon Vamco, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Ulysses, was a powerful Category 4-equivalent typhoon that struck during the COVID-19 pandemic, and caused the worst flooding in Metro Manila since Ketsana or Ondoy in 2009. The typhoon brought heavy rains in Central Luzon, and the nearby provinces, including Metro Manila, the national capital. Heavy rains caused by the typhoon overflowed rivers, causing severe flooding in Marikina

Even before the typhoon’s landfall, Catanduanes had already experienced heavy rains, causing floods and rockslides in the province. Flood waters were reported to reach the roofs of some houses in Bagamanoc. Several areas in Luzon, including Metro Manila, reported that they experienced power outages prior to the typhoon making landfall.

Emergency hotlines in some locations became unavailable because most emergency numbers provided by national agencies and local governments were landline phone numbers, which were difficult to call from mobile phones, and became totally inaccessible once telephone lines in the localities were brought down by the storm. PAGASA’s own phone lines went down due to technical problems on the morning of November 12, going back up a few hours later.


Even after the typhoon had passed, widespread flooding from the typhoon’s rains and from nearly overflowed dams wreaked havoc on the country days after its landfall. Despite causing heavy floods, according to the PAGASA, Vamco released less rain that Typhoon Ketsana, another typhoon in 2009 which caused similar floods.


Feed the Hungry, a 501(c)3 organization, provides immediate assistance to victims of calamities or natural disasters like typhoons that leave vast areas flooded. We aim to provide the basic necessities (food, medicine, clothing, among others) most needed immediately after the devastation and short-term measures to support recovery and rehabilitation. These measures are done with the help of the staff of Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO), humanitarian agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), church-based organizations, and private individuals. You can help. With any amount you donate, it will benefit thousands of families in the region. Go to this link now to DONATE.

Photo: Credits to the owner; Additional information about the Typhoon Ulysses: Wikipedia

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Feed the Hungry, Inc. (FtH) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, non-profit charitable organization based in Washington, D.C. Started in 1992 and officially incorporated in 1993, FtH is wholly volunteer-driven and started as a gift giving and feeding project for indigent children in the Philippines by a group of World Bank Group and IMF (International Monetary Fund) Filipino staff and joined by Filipino-American volunteers in the community.

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