Officers of Feed the Hungry, Inc.

Honorary Chairpersons

Hon. Sec. Albert del Rosario
Gretchen del Rosario
Dr. Wilfrido J. Buhain
Lottie T. Buhain

*Also a member of the Board

Tess R. Alarcon

Founder/ Executive Director Emeritus *

Teresita graduated from the University of the East with a Bachelor of Science in economics and finance. She retired from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) after 23 years of service. Continue reading “Tess R. Alarcon”

Carlos C. Alvano

Executive Director *

Carlos is a retired Mechanical Engineer who worked in the private industry for 14 years and at the Internal Revenue Service for 26 years. He is a widower who lost his beloved wife, Anita, after 43 years of marriage. Continue reading “Carlos C. Alvano”

Angelita C. Sese

Program Director/ Infrastructure *

Lyta is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas College of Architecture. She recently retired from Kaiser Permanente after 20 years managing the design and construction of medical facilities in the mid-Atlantic states region. Continue reading “Angelita C. Sese”

Belen Saramosing-Ramirez

Program Director/ Education: Books,
Board Member

Belen graduated at the University of Mindanao with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, major in Banking and Finance. After graduation, she worked as Executive Assistant with various American-owned companies exporting Philippine bananas from Mindanao,  Continue reading “Belen Saramosing-Ramirez”

Dennis P. Ocampo

Program Director/ Livelihood

Dennis had the benefit of being exposed to both the corporate and the entrepreneurial world in the Philippines and in the United States. The former was as a credit analyst for a premier investment bank in the Philippines and as Director of Catering for a major U.S. hotel in the Washington, D.C. area. Continue reading “Dennis P. Ocampo”

Dulce V. Guevara

Program Director/ Feeding and Nutrition, Board Member

Dulce is a graduate of College of the Holy Spirit with a BSHE-major in Food and Nutrition, a registered Dietitian and an MS in Food and Nutrition from Centro Escolar University. Dulce was a Senior Public Health Nutritionist at Manila Health Department and later became the Food Service Director of Ospital ng Maynila. Continue reading “Dulce V. Guevara”

Dr. Juliet C. Naldo

Board Member

Juliet graduated from the University of Santo Tomas Bachelor of Science Pre-Med and from Manila Central University Doctor of Medicine. She trained in Pediatrics at Howard University Hospital in Washington, DC.  Dr. Naldo has a busy Pediatric practice in Langley Park, Maryland for almost 20 years.  Continue reading “Dr. Juliet C. Naldo”

Felipe Solis

Board Member

Felipe (a.k.a. Pepito) is an Electrical Engineering graduate from FEATI University in 1961. He is a retiree from the Federal Aviation Administration who managed the Critical Power Distribution Systems program. Continue reading “Felipe Solis”

Larry V. Pacis

Program Director/
Special Projects,
Board Member

Larry graduated from Mapua Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree. He took graduate studies in Data Processing Management at Strayer University in Washington, D.C. Continue reading “Larry V. Pacis”

Solita M. Wakefield

Board Member/ Secretary

Solita was a Senior Research Officer at the International Monetary Fund since 1991 and a consultant at the World Bank. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Economics from Maryknoll College, Philippines and Long Island University, New York, respectively. Continue reading “Solita M. Wakefield”