Dulce V. Guevara

Program Director/ Feeding and Nutrition, Board Member

Dulce is a graduate of College of the Holy Spirit with a BSHE-major in Food and Nutrition, a registered Dietitian and an MS in Food and Nutrition from Centro Escolar University. Dulce was a Senior Public Health Nutritionist at Manila Health Department and later became the Food Service Director of Ospital ng Maynila. In the U.S.A., she was a Food Service Director for Sodexho Marriott for a few years and on to head the dietary department of some of the best companies, nursing and retirement homes in the Washington, D.C. area. She was also active in the Filipino community, volunteering in various Filipino-American organizations. She served as Board of Director for PAFC (Philippine American Foundation for Charities) for two terms, President of College of the Holy Spirit MWDC Chapter, Executive Advisory Board of CHSNAF 2006—present, and Vice President of CHSNAF 2014—2016.  An avid volunteer and supporter of Feed the Hungry, Inc. for many years, and currently the FtH Program Director for Feeding and Nutrition Program.