Calamity Assistance and Rehabilitation Endeavors

CARE provides immediate assistance to victims of calamities or natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and typhoons that leave vast areas flooded. CARE aims to provide the basic necessities (food, medicine, clothing, among others) most needed immediately after the devastation and short-term measures to support recovery and rehabilitation. These measures are done with the help of the staff of Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO), humanitarian agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), church-based organizations, and private individuals.

The Philippines has seen numerous tragic calamities in recent years, often leaving already vulnerable communities absolutely devastated. In Feed the Hungry 25 years of work, we’ve seen people’s lives upended by volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, typhoons, and extreme flooding. To alleviate the suffering of the affected people and help them get back on their feet, we started our Calamity Assistance and Rehabilitation Endeavors (CARE) Program.

For a great number of years, FtH has been able to offer immediate assistance to victims of calamities through the CARE Program. Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to buy basic necessities, including
food, medicine, and clothing, and deliver them to the affected communities after disaster strikes. In crisis situations, this is a necessary short-term measure that supports recovery and rehabilitation.

The CARE Program has brought us to numerous regions of the Philippines, and at times FtH has been the first- and even the only- organization to reach victims in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Our assistance is truly life-changing, both for the people we reach and our volunteers. The act of caring keeps hopes alive and reminds people that although they are downthey are not out.

Seeing this resilience is always amazing and our visits are very fulfilling, even though they can be difficult. We see people whose homes and communities have been ravaged, and sometimes they have even lost loved ones; yet still we are blown away by their spirit and gratitude. We feel blessed to be able to offer whatever comfort we can and serve as a reminder that people out there care.

The people FtH helps though the CARE Program have been dealt an unfortunate hand in life, and they understandably want to rebuild. Through our visits, we are able to speak with members of the community to determine how we can best help them, not just in with immediate assistance, but also through our other programs, such as the Livelihood Program. Our support has the power to get them back on track.

While we unfortunately cannot stop calamities from happening, we can help change the outcome for families all over the Philippines. That has been one of FtH’s goals over the past 25 years, and it is one we still strive toward. We are blessed to be able to offer assistance and humbled by the impact we see on communities in need.