Education (Scholarships & Books)

Feed the Hungry, Inc. endeavors to help feed the hunger for knowledge and education among the poor children and youth in the Philippines. In partnership with the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO), scholarships are given to deserving elementary, high school, and college students, CFO screens scholars and facilitates the grants.

The Books Program continues to welcome partners in our efforts to supplement the Department of Education mandated books to all schools where FTH has built classrooms. As of last count, these schools come to about seventy plus schools. The need is always great, the work tremendous. Feed the Hungry, Inc.’s Books Program has also been supporting the educational needs of various institutions in the Philippines.

Feed the Hungry endeavors to help feed the hunger for knowledge and education among the poor children and youth in the Philippines. In partnership with the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO), scholarships are given to deserving high school and college students.

Scholars for the school year 2017 -18:

The Lewis College
1. Baeza, Nikki Joy – BS Information Technology
2. Bernal, Armbel – BS Information Technology
3. Desacula, Ailyn – BS Elementary Education
4. Detecio, Kimberly – BS Business Administration
5. Espiner, Jade – BS Information Technology
6. Gaspacho, Wilfred – BS Information Technology
7. Janer, Reynel – BS Elementary Education
8. Lagutin, Fatima – BS Elementary Education
9. Polon, Ahmad – BS Information Technology
10. Toca, Joyce Marie – BS Elementary Education

Negros Oriental State University
l . Bayawa, Chelsie Rose – Nursing
2. Bulaybulay, Chariz – Nursing

Don Bosco Technical and Vocational Education and Training Center Tondo
l. Bernardo, Angelica – Bookkeeping
2. Casil, Jessa – Bookkeeping
3. Mimis, Shara Lelanie – Bookkeeping
4. Pangadlo, Diana Ross – Bookkeeping
5. Pardonzulan, Rapael – Automotive Servicing
6. Poquita, Christian Mae – Housekeeping/Food & Beverage Services
7. Villas, Lester Jim – Automotive Servicing

Lyceum University
l . Panaligan, Jonah Rae – BS Int’ I Travel & Tourism Management

Palompon Institute of Technology
1. Neri, Chloe Joy – Mechanical Engineering

Palompon National High School
1. Decio, Jerah Mae
2. Mangubat, Mariel

Pangasinan National High School
1. Aguilar, Karl Justin
2. Bautista, Nico
3. Bernal. Jean Pauline
4. Chico, Princess Doll
5. Cruz, Diana Mae
6. Gumapos, Edison
7. Racraquin, Jefferson
8. Rosal. Rafael
9. Soria, Jermaine Zaine
lO. Soriano, Chriszel

Matag-ob National High School
1. Agustin, Lyka
2. Rogando, Elyn Joyce


Feed the Hungry, lnc.’s Books Program is committed to help the Philippines become an educated nation.

Every year, the Books Program donate Department of Education (DepEd)-mandated books so Filipino children will have basic literacy skills. While most Filipino children in the poorest areas do enroll in Grade l, an estimated 553 of them will drop out without finishing high school due to poverty. Increased encouragement to love books and easy access to books in public schools and libraries is needed to promote functional literacy, creative thinking, and independent reading skills that are needed for future success. The long-term impact of the Books Program is empowering children to think creatively and learn on their own.

Improving learning centers and school libraries in the Philippines contribute to the betterment of the quality of education and information that the youth are getting. Feed the Hungry, Inc. through its Books Program also tries to fill up FtH-built and -donated libraries with a vast collection of books appropriate for children of various ages and made part of the children’s learning competencies.

As budget cutbacks impact school systems, funding for libraries is often one of the first things cut. Many schools have been left unable to buy new books for their students for years, leaving our young heroes in extreme danger of losing their way. Book donations and literacy programs help alleviate some of the harmful effects of these budget cuts.

The following are Books Program implementations in 2017:

• Taliptip National High School, Bulakan, Bulacan
Donated 200 DepEd-mandated books to students and one FtH-built classroom schoolhouse funded by Mr. & Mrs. Barry Ford.
Target population: 690 pupils.

• Bungsuan Elementary School, Bungsuan, Capiz
Donated 300 DepEd-mandated books to pupils and reference books to teachers for the FtH-built library funded by Dr. Jovy Eusebio and Dr. Juliet Naida.
Target population: 800 pupils.

• Jose Rizal High School, Pasig City, Metro Manila
Donated 200 DepEd-mandated books to Jose Rizal High School Reading Center funded by Dr. & Mrs. Bayani Manalo.
Target population: 600 students.

• Batanes Elementary School, Basco, Batanes
Donated 70 DepEd-mandated books and two (2) sets of encyclopedias, which are very useful for research since Internet access is limited in the area.
Target population: 400 pupils.

• Fishing Village, Lian, Batangas
Donated children’s storybooks to the children of residents of a fishing
community in Lian, in collaboration with Ms. Gloria Caoile, head of FtH CARE Program, and Ms. Moan Hontiveros, a civic community leader.

• General Santos Trade School, General Santos City
Donated reference books and other books to the students.